Captivent HQ in Bath

Welcome to Monmouth Studios

After six years at Green Park we’ve moved into our shiny new office on Monmouth Street, just a hop, skip and jump away from our old place.

We love our new home in Monmouth Studios. It’s a beautifully restored Georgian building and there’s room to grow. The sun shone on the day we moved, the office furniture fitted into the lift and we are raring to go with a busy spring season of events.

So come and say hello if you’re in the area – the kettle’s always on.

Event management for Dixons retail

Top Tips for a successful AGM

How would you improve your next Annual General Meeting?
Here are our top tips to ensure a successful AGM.

Making the most of your budget
How does the cost of your current venue compare with others? Does it reflect the values of your brand? Is there a better venue out there? Captivent offer a free venue finding service saving you the time and trouble.

Have someone to manage the details on your behalf
Spending too much time chasing up the coffee and trying to find the AV technician? By delegating Captivent this responsibility you’ll have more time to spend with the Board and Shareholders without having to worry about the venue and catering, the AV crew and rehearsals.

Creating the right environment
Did the stage set at your last AGM improve the look and feel of your meeting room? A well-designed stage set will focus the audience on the Board and creates a space for any messaging and branding. Captivent can design and build stage sets, exhibition areas and displays that not only look great but won’t blow your budget.

Let a professional create and operate your presentation
Could your presentation be perfected? We have experience in designing and formatting financial information which will greatly improve the delivery of the key messages to your audience. Our talented graphics operators will not only make the presentation run seamlessly but also make any last minute changes to the presentation on the day a breeze.

Schedule time for a rehearsal
Everyone tells you they are too busy for a rehearsal? Even the most confident and experienced of presenters are more comfortable once they have familiarised themselves with the room, the microphones and had an opportunity to check through their presentation on stage. Captivent can help you plan and run a rehearsal that will demonstrate to your presenters what a difference to the success of the AGM this can make.

Have the best quality technical equipment your budget allows
Are you sure that everyone could see and hear all the content at your last AGM? Venue ‘in-house’ AV equipment can often be outdated and is not always the most suitable equipment for the room you are using and for your audience. Captivent can advise and supply the most appropriate equipment for your specific needs and will also be able to supply duplicate items of critical equipment like projectors.

Explain clearly to your audience the voting system
Were your audience confused by the voting keypad? If you are using an electronic system make sure, in addition to the pre-event checks, that you include a test question at the beginning of the meeting. This not only ensures that the handsets are working but also makes your audience comfortable with the process. Captivent can advise on the most appropriate voting system solution for your specific requirements.

Webcast the AGM to your investor webpage
What proportion of your shareholders could not attend your last AGM? Providing all shareholders the opportunity to watch the AGM live or at leisure, by providing an on-demand webcast, will ensure that the meeting is seen to be as inclusive as possible. Captivent can manage all elements of the webcast process from the filming to liaising with your website administrator.

Captivent offer help, advice and solutions on all aspects of AGM event management – we can save you time, money and ensure your next AGM is stress free.

For a no obligation proposal please email or call us today on 020 3039 3737.

Event planning and management for the Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup 2015

Japan’s defeat of South Africa, Sonny Bill Williams’ wonderful medal gesture, and sold out stadiums – RWC 2015 has been lauded as the biggest and best tournament ever, one that has engaged fans old and new across the globe.

Captivent were proud to be chosen to support four of the key RWC pre-tournament events. The welcome ceremonies, held for the England, Wales, Australia and Georgia teams, took place in London, Bristol, Bath and at the Royal Military College Sandhurst. In attendance were royalty, tournament sponsors, the great & good from the rugby world, with a large TV and media presence.

It was a pleasure to combine our meticulous attention to detail, honed from years of producing first class corporate events, with our love of sport. We also gained some great experience in successfully supporting the organisers of major sporting events, thanks to our brilliant clients at England Rugby and World Rugby, experience which stands us in good stead for future work in the sports arena.

Oh, and we met some great people and had a lot of fun!

Captivent are first at The Shard

On 15th May Captivent produced the first corporate event at the newly opened Shangri-La Hotel.

Captivent secured the Shangri-La conference suite at The Shard, giving our clients exclusive use of floor 34 of this iconic building.

As the hotel had opened only 9 days prior to the event, Captivent’s planning involved ‘hard-hat’ inspections of the event spaces whilst the builders and decorators were still onsite.

Captivent decided not to build a conventional set/stage but instead to use the amazing view of the City of London as backdrop to the main presenters, which amply reflected the ambitious plans being announced.

The event was a high profile announcement to the City and media by two well known retail brands, which drew live news crews from the BBC, ITN and Sky News.

Following the success of the event another client has also expressed interest in using the same venue.

Dixons Carphone merger – City & media presentations

Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse announced their intention to merge their businesses on 15 May 2014 to create the Dixons Carphone Group plc.

Captivent were approached to find a venue and to produce the face to face presentations to the City and to the media. Given the financial sensitivity of the announcement Captivent were required to make all arrangements in complete confidentiality. Neither the venue nor our suppliers were informed of the nature of the announcement until the morning of the event.

Captivent secured the Shangri-La Hotel conference suite at The Shard, giving our client exclusive use of floor 34 of this iconic building.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you all and your team for helping us with the event at The Shard on Thursday. It was a huge success and everyone was pleased with how it went.”

Group Communications Manager, Dixons Retail plc

Not only was this another successful event, but also the first corporate event at the newly opened Shangri-La Hotel, something Captivent are very proud to have produced.